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Our practice offers a wide range of treatments for jowling

If you are dealing with jowling, which is skin sagging along the jawline, you are not alone! This cosmetic concern affects both men and women regardless of age and weight. Fortunately, working with board-certified dermatologists at Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center of Annapolis, Maryland, is the first step in the right direction to determine if noninvasive solutions for jowling treatment are right for you!

What is jowling?

Jowling is a common sign of aging that can result in sagging skin along the jawline and neck. It is typically caused by thinning skin, loss of facial fat, and loss of collagen and elastin production as we get older. Patients who have had significant weight loss might also notice excess skin around the jawline that contributes to an aged or undesirable appearance. Thanks to continued improvements and modern advances in the field of dermatology, patients now have several treatment options available to choose from to achieve tighter, firmer skin in this specific area.

What treatments can help with jowling?

At Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center, we offer nonsurgical options for improving and correcting sagging skin along the jawline. This includes some of the following services:

  • Dermal fillers
  • Sofwave skin tightening
  • Ellacor Micro-Coring nonsurgical skin removal

Which treatment is right for me?

Deciding on the best treatment for jowling starts with a consultation appointment at Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center with Drs. Molly Walterhoefer and Megan Casady Flahive. They can evaluate your skin and condition to determine the best solution. They may even recommend a combination of treatments to get the best possible results.  

Learn more about our treatment options for jowling

If you’ve tried jowl exercises or other techniques to reduce skin laxity along the jawline and have been unhappy with the results but don’t want to undergo invasive plastic surgery, Drs. Molly Walterhoefer, Megan Casady Flahive, and the Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center team can help. We welcome you to book a consultation visit at our Annapolis, MD practice at 810 Bestgate Road, Suite #450. Call (410) 384-4172 to request a visit and learn more about sagging jawline fixes that work!

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