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What is the Ellacor non-surgical facelift?

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At the Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center of Annapolis, Maryland, our board-certified dermatologists are proud to offer anti-aging solutions for more conservative patients who do not require or desire facial plastic surgery. Drs. Molly Walterhoefer and Megan Casady Flahive are excited to offer Ellacor micro-coring, a specialized treatment designed to provide a non-surgical facelift for skin laxity. This state-of-the-art treatment can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and facial folds in the lower face.

What is Ellacor micro-coring?

The Ellacor micro-coring treatment is an innovative skin tightening and wrinkle reduction procedure that uses a process known as micro-coring to remove microscopic plugs of skin to eliminate skin redundancy or folds while stimulating your skin’s production of collagen and elastin. When this happens, the skin becomes tighter and firmer, helping patients with moderate to severe wrinkles improve their mid and lower face concerns such as jowling, perioral lines, and skin folds around the mouth. This treatment is cleared by the FDA as safe and effective at rejuvenating the skin while treating skin laxity non-surgically. It works by using the skin’s natural healing response for gradual improvement with time.

Is Ellacor like microneedling?

While microneedling works similarly, puncturing the skin to activate the skin’s healing response to produce both extra collagen and elastin, Ellacor works a little differently. It does not just displace skin cells as microneedling does. Instead, it removes columns of skin for more instantaneous responses and effective correction of skin laxity and folds. These punctures are incredibly tiny and do not result in scarring.

What can I expect after Ellacor micro-coring?

Most patients will notice initial redness, bruising, and swelling after their appointment, which is normal. The skin needs to be treated with a protective ointment for the first seven days, and cosmetics and make-up cannot be applied to the area until three days post treatment. Most of our Ellacor patients can return to their regular schedule within one week after treatment.

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If you reside in Annapolis, MD, or its environs and wish to learn more about the advantages of our non-surgical facelift, please contact us at (410) 384-4172 to request a consultation at our location on 810 Bestgate Road, Suite #450. Our team is eager to welcome new patients and is headed by a board-certified dermatologist with extensive experience and expertise to provide exceptional care for individuals in the area.

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