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Using dermal fillers for facial rejuvenation

Dermal fillers are a popular treatment available at Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center. Drs. Molly Walterhoefer, Megan Casady Flahive, and our team understand that the development of fine lines and wrinkles can be devastating for those looking to maintain their youthful look. While facelifts and browlifts are highly effective at addressing skin laxity caused by the natural loss of collagen and elastin with time, our board-certified dermatologists may instead recommend less invasive and nonsurgical approaches to aging skin. This may include a recommendation of dermal filler injections to smooth away unwanted lines, folds, and wrinkles that naturally develop to restore a youthful appearance for both men and women.

What are dermal fillers?

Drs. Walterhoefer and Flahive expertly use dermal fillers as a technique to help reduce the appearance of skin folds and wrinkles by lifting and repositioning tissue to a more natural, balanced, and youthful position on the aging face. These anti-aging injectables are used to add volume, smooth wrinkles, and restore a youthful appearance. We use all different types of the most popular dermal fillers, like Restylane, Juvederm, and RHA to create a customized result based on your anatomy and skin thickness. The results are temporary, usually lasting anywhere from six to twelve months depending on the area treated. 

What can I expect from dermal filler injections?

Dermal fillers can not only enhance facial features, including the chin, cheeks, and lips, but also when expertly placed work to restore a balanced harmony to the aging face resulting in a natural youthfulness without surgery. Our doctors’ advanced dermal filler injection techniques offer safe, long-lasting rejuvenation with minimal downtime from treatment. Patients also find these treatments may have mild discomfort that is well-tolerated. 

Learn more about dermal fillers and alternative cosmetic injectables available at our office!

At Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center, our team specializes in bringing out the best in each individual patient’s unique beauty using advanced techniques for skin treatments, including dermal fillers and even neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport, Xeominm and Daxxify. If you are located in Annapolis, MD, and want to speak with a board-certified dermatologist about facial rejuvenation with dermal filler injections, call our office at (410) 384-4172. We are at 810 Bestgate Road, Suite #450, and we serve patients in the surrounding communities of Severna Park, Arnold, Pasadena, Edgewater, Crofton, Bowie, Davidsonville, MD, Southern Maryland, and Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

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