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What is a lipoma, and where can I obtain excision services?

The experienced team at Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center in the Annapolis, Maryland, area provides both medical and cosmetic treatments for patients in the community. Patients who develop lipomas may need to have them removed if they become bothersome. Drs. Molly Walterhoefer, Megan Casady Flahive, and our team can assess patients to determine if they require lipoma excision services.

What is a lipoma?

Our board-certified dermatologists describe a lipoma as a common, benign tumor of fatty tissue. It is typically found just below the skin and is usually very soft and movable. Lipomas are typically small, measuring less than two inches across, or can be as large as four inches. They are generally painless and harmless but can be uncomfortable or cause embarrassment for some patients.

What causes lipomas to form?

The exact cause of lipomas is unknown, but genetics may play a role. Lipomas tend to run in families and can be inherited from either parent. It has also been found that both age and weight are also thought to be contributing factors.

Do I need to have lipomas removed?

While there is no known cure for lipomas, they usually do not require any treatment unless they become painful or cause discomfort. This is where Drs. Walterhoefer, Flahive, and the Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center team come in. Our doctors are able to examine a lipoma and provide patients with information regarding their choices for getting it removed. In most cases, surgical excision is the most effective solution.

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The Current Dermatology and Cosmetic Center team believes patients should have access to services to help them look and feel their best. This includes providing quality lipoma removal services and excision for those in the community and surrounding cities. If you are in need of lipoma excision, call (410) 384-4172. The office is located at 810 Bestgate Road, Suite #450, and is open to new and current patients seeking medical and cosmetic dermatology solutions for the skin and body.

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